A little about me!

I am a full blooded German Shepherd. Currently, I am a year and 5 months old. I still have some growing to do! My human loves to take me to play soccer, throw the magic tennis ball, and on long walks to give me excercise. Keep scrolling to learn more!

My Hobbies

Tennis balls, sticks, frisbee, running, etc. Pretty much anything that can be thrown I will go get for you. My human likes to enjoy a cold bourbon with me by his side. I don't like alcohol, but I do like tennis balls. Tennis balls.

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Lets talk about my ears

They're big. They're fluffy. And I can hear you laughing. If you see me with my human ask him to tell you about my ears.


Here you can see fun pictures of me, my human, and the human that took pictures of me! My human loves the outdoors and likes to bring me on his adventures. The human that took photos of me loves, well, taking photos.

Contact My Human & Friends!

If you want beautiful photos like this, check out the info below for Kristen Zebell. If you would like to see me and my human adventure, follow us on snapchat and instagram.